Member Golf Events

Lone Pine has a wide range of golf events

every year for men, ladies, couples and children.  


Check out our list of events that happen each week as well as monthly events.


Weekend Games $20.00
The Weekend Games will be held Saturday & Sunday mornings when there is not a club event. The games are open to any member with an active USGA handicap. Sign-up in the Golf Shop by 10:00AM. Events will be chosen by the pro shop and will include a $10 individual game/team game and a $10 gross and net skins game. You may play with whoever you would like. Teams are drawn randomly.

Masters FLOG- Saturday April 9, 2022
Individual event, Members will be randomly paired with a tour player who makes the cut at the Masters. Event is combined score of member and pro. Gross and Net winners. MAKE YOUR OWN FOURSOME. 9:30AM Shotgun start. $50.00 Entry per player (Includes Breakfast & Prizes). Start time is subject to change due to weather.

Men’s Opening Day – Saturday April 23, 2022
4 Man USGA Handicapped Scramble 9:00AM Shotgun start. Computer Drawn Teams. $60.00 Entry per player (Includes Breakfast, Prizes and Tee Gift).

1, 2, 3 Best Ball Event – Saturday, May 21, 2022
Best 1 on Par 5’s, Best 2 on Par 4’s & Best 3 on Par 3’s. MAKE YOUR OWN FOURSOME. 9:00A.M. Shotgun Start. Sign-up in the Golf Shop. $50.00 Entry per Player (Includes Breakfast & Prizes).

Brotherman Classic –June 3, 4 & 5, 2022
Optional Practice Round on June 3rd. Blind Draw of Teams – One Best Net and One Best Gross, Blind Draw Better Ball of Partners, Net Skins and a 2 Day Chicago (modified Par Quota) for the Brotherman Cup. Open to Members and Guests with established USGA Handicaps.

51st Annual Men’s Invitational – June 16, 17 & 18 (Member/Guest)
The field will be limited to the first 48 members who sign up, so mark your calendars and watch for more details as we get closer to the event. All guests MUST have an official USGA handicap to participate $600.00 per team.

Fold of Honor Event – Saturday July 2, 2022
Best 2 of 4 at 75% handicap – Each player will play 6 holes from the Red Tees, 6 holes from the White Tees and 6 holes from the Blue Tees. MAKE YOUR OWN FOURSOME. 9:00 A.M Shotgun Start – $50.00 Entry per player (Includes Breakfast & Prizes). Donations from this event will go toward the Military Folds of Honor Charity, so any donation will be greatly appreciated.

Medal Play Championship – Saturday July 9, 2022 – tee off by 10:00AM with at least one other contestant – $40.00 Entry per player. 18 HOLE SCRATCH SKINS GAME – does not include cart – low 7 + last year’s Club Champion qualify for championship flight of The Club Championship.

V.C. Neal Senior Club Championship – Saturday July 16, 2022 – $40.00 entry per player does not include cart – winners will be low net and gross from each division with the low gross from any division being the Senior Club Champion.

Men’s Club Championship– Saturday & Sunday July 23 & 24, 2022- $40 entry per player does not include cart Divisions will be based on handicap except for the Championship flight which will be determined by the Medal Play Championship. Compete in straight up stroke play with individuals close to your handicap. WINNERS FROM EACH

Men’s Member/Member Championship – Saturday & Sunday August 6 & 7, 2022
Pick your partner. 9:00AM Shotgun Start. Round 1 Team Better Ball & Round 2 Team Alternate Shot. Event will be flighted based on team combined handicap. Winners will be determined for each flight and lowest 36-hole score will be crowned overall champion $60.00 Entry per player (Includes Breakfast & Prizes).

Men’s Labor Day Event – Monday September 3, 2022 – Best 3 of 4 at 100% handicap. Sign-up as an individual and A-B-C-D teams will be drawn by computer. 9:00 A.M. Shotgun Start. $50.00 entry per player (Includes Breakfast & Prizes).

Player’s Cup – September 17 & 18, 2022
Earn points by playing in events throughout the year. The top 18-point earners for the year will compete in 2 days of matches with guaranteed prizes for all qualifying players.

Men’s Closing Day – Saturday, September 24, 2022
9:30AM Shotgun Start. Better Ball of 2 100% HDCP pick your own partner, pick your own foursome. Second event is Best 2 of 4 Blind Draw of Teams. First point event of 2023 Players’ Cup. $50.00 Entry per player (Includes Breakfast & Prizes)

Fall One Day Member/Guest- Saturday, October 8, 2022
The field will be limited to the first 48 members who sign up, so mark your calendars and watch for more details as we get closer to the event. All guests MUST have an official USGA handicap to participate $300.00 per team.

Pro-Member Shootout – October 22, 2022
Best 2 Gross & Best 2 Net Combined. MAKE YOUR OWN FOURSOME. 4 Members/Guests are paired randomly with a TSPGA Professional. Entry is $100 CASH (Cash Payout). 100% handicap. 10:00AM Shotgun Start.

All times, dates, and formats are subject to change – Entry Fees do not include Cart Fees except where noted


Ladies Golf Association
You must be a member of the L.G.A. to participate. Sign up by 3:00PM the day before an event to be in the event. Groups are made by the Professional Staff and are open to nine- and eighteen-hole players. L.G.A. annual dues are $55.00. The fee for Thursday morning events will be $5.00 per player paid in cash each morning they play.

START TIMES: 9:30 – 18 HOLERS 10:00 – 9 HOLERS

April 14 – Spring Meeting
9:00 a.m. Breakfast with crossover 9-hole scramble to follow. Computer Drawn Teams. The second nine will be played by
anyone who wants to play, we will take a sign-up after the first 9 holes.

April 21 – Opening Day
Best 2 of 4 Computer Drawn Teams, 100% handicap.

April 28 – Lowest Putts

May 5 – Criers- 3 worst holes become pars. 100% Handicap

May 12 – 9 Hole Crossover. 100% Handicap

May 19 – Bingo/Bango/Bongo

May 26 – Rabbit Ball

START TIMES: 9:00 – 18 HOLERS 9:30 – 9 HOLERS

June 2 – Lowest Score on Par 3’s and 4’s. Minus Half Handicap

June 9 – Ladies Guest Day

June 15 – Wednesday – Calloway

June 23 – Computer Jumble

June 30 – Flag Day

July 7 – Blind Hole Throw Out

July 14 – Mid Season Breakfast- 9 Hole Crossover- Ready on the Ones

July 21 – Ladies Invitational

July 28 – Best Ball of Partners

August 2 – Tuesday- LGA Championship- Round 1

August 4- LGA Championship- Round 2

August 11- Skills Challenge

August 13- Saturday- Ladies Ryder Cup Round 1

August 14- Sunday- Ladies Ryder Cup Round 2

August 18 – Aerification Week- Most Fairways- Points for Hazards

August 25 – Crossover Day- 18 Hole Wacky Golf Scramble

September 1 – Par Quota

September 8 – Trash Day- Throw out 2 worst holes on first 9 and on second 9

September 10 – Saturday- LPCC Ladies Club Championship

September 15 – Ladies Chapman

September 22- Closing Day Luncheon- Tee it Forward
18 Holers- Family Tees, 9 Holers- 150-yard marker (Start Time to be Announced)

All times, dates, and formats are subject to change – Entry Fees do not include Cart Fees except where noted

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